Hi, on Fedora 28 x64 host, as of 68f1b569 I'm seeing:

`./check -v -qcow`
        - occasional stall on 052
        - stalls on 216

`./check -v -qed`
        - stalls on 200

`./check -v -luks`
        - failures on 226.

052 is something I can't reproduce. The test takes quite a while, so
maybe at some points I am simply not being patient enough.

216 appears to have never worked for qcow1.

226 is my fault: the test doesn't handle LUKS well, because it sets
TEST_IMG to something sneaky:
... my test expected this to be a real file and doesn't suffer this
particularly well. I've sent a patch.

200 appears to regress on this commit:
f45280cbf66d8e58224f6a253d0ae2aa72cc6280 is the first bad commit
commit f45280cbf66d8e58224f6a253d0ae2aa72cc6280
Author: Greg Kurz <gr...@kaod.org>
Date:   Mon May 28 14:03:59 2018 +0200


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