On 10/08/2018 11:10, Peter Maydell wrote:
>> So my proposal, which is actually consistent with what QEMU is doing, is
>> the following:
>> 1) the first line of a file should always be "/*", otherwise warn
>> 2) a comment that starts with "/**" should have it on a lone line
>> 3) every other multiline comment should start with
>> "/*<whitespace><something>"
> Personally I would prefer your suggestion, but as I say, there
> was no consensus in the thread for it, and there was consensus
> for "use the kernel's style here". I don't think we gain much
> from reopening the debate at this point.

What we lose is that 3000 more new warnings appear.  So if we make an
exception and convert all of the comments, I'm okay.

But otherwise, at least Eric, you, me (only now I admit), Thomas
expressed a preference for the other style; on the other side it's
Markus, Stefan, Conny and Alex, some of whom were okay with applying
maintainer discretion; John and rth wanted a third one but disagreed on
their second choice.  I appreciate your writing the patch, but I'm not
sure that's consensus...


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