On 15/08/19 18:07, Igor Mammedov wrote:
> Looking at Q35 code and Seabios SMM relocation as example, if I see it
> right QEMU has:
>     - SMRAM is aliased from DRAM at 0xa0000
>     - and TSEG steals from the top of low RAM when configured
> Now problem is that default SMBASE at 0x30000 isn't backed by anything
> in SMRAM address space and default SMI entry falls-through to the same
> location in System address space.
> The later is not trusted and entry into SMM mode will corrupt area + might
> jump to 'random' SMI handler (hence save/restore code in Seabios).
> Here is an idea, can we map a memory region at 0x30000 in SMRAM address
> space with relocation space/code reserved. It could be a part of TSEG
> (so we don't have to invent ABI to configure that)?

No, there could be real mode code using it.  What we _could_ do is
initialize SMBASE to 0xa0000, but I think it's better to not deviate too
much from processor behavior (even if it's admittedly a 20-years legacy
that doesn't make any sense).


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