On Fri, 8 Nov 2019 at 19:32, Aleksandar Markovic
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> > [a] Is there any particular reason that you picked DS3231 ? Linux kernel
> > has drivers for DS3232/34 only [1]. I did read the datasheets of both
> > 3232 & 3231 and found that they are quite similar except for the 236
> > bytes of SRAM support found only in 3232.
> >
> Yes, DS3231 is a part of a board we want to support in future.

We should probably prefer to go with a device that's a
missing part of a board we already support -- generally
the project prefers not to take device models that don't
have a use, ie they go in with the board model rather
than before. This also means we have some way of testing
the code :-)

-- PMM

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