On Tue, 3 Dec 2019 at 10:53, Dr. David Alan Gilbert <dgilb...@redhat.com> wrote:
> We seem to be coming to the conclusion something that:
>   a) It should live in the qemu tree
>   b) It shouldn't live under contrib
>   c) We'll create a new top level, i.e. 'daemons'
>   d) virtiofsd will be daemons/virtiofsd
> Now, somethings I'm less clear on:
>   e) What else would move into daemons?  It was suggested
>     that if we've got virtiofsd in there, then we should move
>     libvhost-user - which I understand, but then it's not a
>     'daemons'.
>     Are there any otehr daemons that should move?

I like the idea of a new top level directory, but I think
'daemons' is a bit too specific -- for instance it seems to
me that qemu-img would be sensible to move out of the root,
and that's not a daemon.

-- PMM

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