Paolo Bonzini <> writes:

> On 13/01/20 17:17, Markus Armbruster wrote:
>> Perfect opportunity to change the default to something more useful.
> I am not sure acutally if it's that more useful, now that we have
> sanctioned qemu-kvm as the fast alternative.

If there is a fast alternative, why ship the slow one?

> Particularly it would be confusing for qemu-system-x86_64 to use
> hardware virtualization on Linux, but not on other operating systems
> where the accelerators are not stable enough.

Hardly more confusing than qemu-kvm not using hardware virtualization
when /dev/kvm is unavailable.

No matter what we do, somebody is going to be confused.  How to resolve
such a conundrum?  Utilitarian philosophy teaches us to pursue the
greatest confusion of the greatest numbers.  I think not using x86
hardware virtualization by default has been admirably successful there.


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