> >>>   build: fix device module builds

> >> No code review at all? :-(
> > 
> > Well, there have been 5 revisions on the list, partly due to bugs being
> > fixed, partly with changes as response to review comments.  So it got
> > some review (not much though) even though the v5 series (posted on June
> > 22th, so there was more than a week time) didn't got any acks so far.
> > 
> >> In particular the "build: fix device module
> >> builds" commit (as you note in your commit message) does not look at
> >> all right.
> > 
> > I think this stop-gap will do fine as long as we don't have any
> > target-specific modules.
> Yeah, it's hackish but target-specific modules would be a huge
> complication so I don't think we'd be having them anytime soon.  With
> Meson removing the unnest-vars logic, the hack would also go away on its
> own.  So I guess it's okay.

OK, good.  So how to go forward now?

  (1) Merge pull req as-is?
  (2) Re-spin with discussion summary added to patch "4/10 build: fix
      device module builds".
  (3) Something else?

Any chance for an ack in case we go (2) or (3) ?

thanks & take care,

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