On 09/07/20 08:59, Claudio Fontana wrote:
> anything else that we could use to find the real problem?

I'm using

$ gcc -v
gcc version 8.3.1 20191121 (Red Hat 8.3.1-5) (GCC)
$ ld -v
GNU ld version 2.30-68.el8

> Of course I can try a blind fix, where I suggest to explicitly provide the 
> stubs,
> or you can apply the workaround you already suggested if you want,
> but currently I do not have any way to ensure that what I build is ok,
> since apparently the local build or any of the CI (travis, cirrus) is not 
> sufficient to capture this.

No problem, I can test it myself on my machine when applying the patch.


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