Several projects are underway to create an inter-VM device emulation

 * ivshmem v2

   A PCI device that provides shared-memory communication between VMs.
   This device already exists but is limited in its current form. The
   "v2" project updates IVSHMEM's capabilities and makes it suitable as
   a VIRTIO transport.

   Jan Kiszka is working on this and has posted specs for review.

 * virtio-vhost-user

   A VIRTIO device that transports the vhost-user protocol. Allows
   vhost-user device emulation to be implemented by another VM.

   Nikos Dragazis is working on this with QEMU, DPDK, and VIRTIO patches

 * VFIO-over-socket

   Similar to the vhost-user protocol in spirit but for any PCI device.
   Uses the Linux VFIO ioctl API as the protocol instead of vhost.

   It doesn't have a virtio-vhost-user equivalent yet, but the same
   approach could be applied to VFIO-over-socket too.

   Thanos Makatos and John G. Johnson are working on this. The draft
   spec is available.

Let's have a call to figure out:

1. What is unique about these approaches and how do they overlap?
2. Can we focus development and code review efforts to get something
   merged sooner?

Jan and Nikos: do you have time to join on Monday, 20th of July at 15:00

Video call URL: https://bluejeans.com/240406010

It would be nice if Thanos and/or JJ could join the call too. Others
welcome too (feel free to forward this email)!


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