>>> Hi Kevin,
>>> since commit 9ce44e2ce2 "qmp: Move dispatcher to a coroutine" I see
>>> the following error on Windows whenever I close the QEMU window or
>>> shut down the guest.
>>> $ ./qemu-system-x86_64.exe -machine pc,accel=tcg -display gtk
>>> **
>>> ERROR:../qemu/util/aio-win32.c:337:aio_poll: assertion failed: 
>>> (in_aio_context_home_thread(ctx))
>>> Bail out! ERROR:../qemu/util/aio-win32.c:337:aio_poll: assertion failed: 
>>> (in_aio_context_home_thread(ctx))
>>> I wonder if you forgot to apply the changes to util/aio-posix.c to
>>> util/aio-win32.c too? This solves the problem on my Windows host. But
>>> I have to admit I don't know the code here.
> Hi Volker,
> yes, you're right. The assertion in the Windows code was added only in
> commit 5710a3e09f9 after I had posted some versions of the patch series,
> so while I did check this initially, I missed during the rebase for
> later versions of the series that I would have to update the patches for
> Windows.
> Would you like to send a patch for this? I could send one myself if you
> prefer, but I can only compile-test Windows patches, so I'd have to rely
> on your testing anyway.
> Kevin

Thank you for that information. I'll send a patch.

With best regards,

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