On Thu, Sep 21, 2023 at 08:27:24AM +0000, Zhijian Li (Fujitsu) wrote:
> I'm worried that I may not have enough time, ability, or environment to 
> review/test
> the RDMA patches. but for this patch set, i will take a look later.

That'll be helpful, thanks!

So it seems maybe at least we should have an entry for rdma migration to
reflect the state of the code there.  AFAIU we don't strictly need a
maintainer for the entries; an empty entry should suffice, which I can
prepare a patch for it:

RDMA Migration
S: Odd Fixes
F: migration/rdma*

Zhijian, if you still want to get emails when someone changes the code,
maybe you still wanted be listed as a reviewer (even if not a maintainer)?
So that you don't necessarily need to review every time, but just in case
you still want to get notified whenever someone changes it, that means one
line added onto above:

R: Li Zhijian <lizhij...@fujitsu.com>

Do you prefer me to add that R: for you when I send the maintainer file

I'm curious whether Fujitsu is using this code in production, if so it'll
be great if you can be supported as, perhaps part of, your job to maintain
the rdma code.  But maybe that's not the case.

In all cases, thanks a lot for the helps already.

Peter Xu

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