On Fri, Sep 22, 2023 at 11:49 AM Peter Maydell <peter.mayd...@linaro.org>

> On Fri, 22 Sept 2023 at 18:43, Daniel Henrique Barboza
> <danielhb...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Can you publish your branch with the current -Wshadow=local patches in
> > gitlab/github? I'm hitting (and fixing) a lot of errors that aren't
> listed
> > here, meaning they're either fixed already in your local branch or needs
> to
> > be fixed.
> Markus sent an email with the git branch, but it doesn't seem to have
> reached the list, perhaps because it also included a 10,000 line
> build log and probably hit the length limit... Anyway, to quote
> him from that email (which I got because of a direct CC):
> > Pushed to https://repo.or.cz/qemu/armbru.git branch shadow-next.  I'll
> > keep collecting shadow patches there, and I'll rebase as needed.

I have 3 changes for bsd-user. Two are trivial, hardly worth commenting on.

The third one, though, makes me ask the question: When should we pass in
cpu_env to functions and when should we use the global value?

I have a lot of changes that look like:

-static inline abi_long do_freebsd_thr_exit(CPUArchState *cpu_env,
+static inline abi_long do_freebsd_thr_exit(CPUArchState *env,
         abi_ulong tid_addr)
-    CPUState *cpu = env_cpu(cpu_env);
+    CPUState *cpu = env_cpu(env);
     TaskState *ts;
<other cases of cpu_env -> env>

Should I just drop the arg, or do the arg rename? Or "Gee, Warner, that
really depends since it's context sensitive" in which case I'll just post a
review to the list.


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