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> If I wasn't poor, I'd donate to you or where you would tell me to, but
> I'm like a Church mouse, very poor...

Just as the closed source makes it all mostly dirty, and in real
big-brotherly world of today it's absolutely treacherous with spying
(yes, surveillance is just the euphemism), so is the FOSS, the Free Open
Source Software the sole area that makes computing in the world not just
palatable but such a great experience of freedom and of user's own
control. User's own control is not really possible in any
Bapple-Schmapple not Schwindoze-Bindoze, just as the Schmoogle and
Zucksbook and such are dirt in themselves... 

But that would be another story that is told too little to to few

I updated, and I'd believe it's probably the final look and content of
that page:

In short, it works, and it's just the iptables rules that I need to
fix, but if I will need help for that, it's probably at

Aleksei, thanks so much, to you and to all the Qemu people!
Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia

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