> -device virtio-net-device,netdev=net0 \

This should be -device virtio-net,netdev=net0 \

/--Regards, Aleksei/


*From:* Jerry Stuckle
*Sent:* Monday, October 17, 2016 5:20AM
*To:* Qemu-discuss
*Subject:* [Qemu-discuss] Defining a bridge

OK, I'm back on this now, and need to define a bridge for qemu.

Once again, this is Ubuntu running in VirtualBox under Windows.  Ubuntu
is using NetworkManager, and I have defined the bridge there per

This comes up as bridge0, and seems to be working just fine.  I then try
to start Debian-arm under qemu with:

qemu-system-arm -m 1024M \
        -sd /export/armhf.qcow2 \
        -M vexpress-a9 \
        -cpu cortex-a9 \
        -kernel /export/boot/vmlinuz \
        -initrd /export/boot/initrd.img \
        -append "root=/dev/mmcblk0p2" \
        -device virtio-net-device,netdev=net0 \

/etc/qemu/bridge.conf has

allow bridge0

Qemu starts just fine, no network-related errors, but no network
interface (eth0, etc.) in Debian.  Removing these lines and using slirp
and Debian gets an interface just fine.

Any suggestions as to where to look?  Again, I'm a programmer, not a
Linux admin, so I'm a bit lost there.


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