Hello Everyone,
I'm interested in Qemu's COLO Feature, but I wonder where the latest
development happens and where to file Bug-reports. All Documentation
points to the "colo-v5.1-developing-COLO-frame-v21-with-shared-disk"
Branch on this git: https://github.com/coloft/qemu, and works good but
Leaks Memory and it is almost over an Year old now, on the newer
"colo-for-qemu-2.10-2017-4-22" Branch, the Secondary Segfaults. Then
I've seen COLO-related patches to upstream Qemu, but using latest, the
Secondary refuses to start with "Block node is read-only", on v2.9.0
the Primary emits lots of

{"timestamp": {"seconds": 1502280994, "microseconds": 453062}, "event":
"QUORUM_REPORT_BAD", "data": {"node-name": "node0", "sectors-count": 8,
"sector-num": 1050624, "type": "write", "error": "Input/output error"}}

and the Secondary is unable to take over, same with v2.8.1.1 .
Are all these Broken or am I just using it wrong?

Kind Regards,
Lukas Straub

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