Hi Matteo,

2018-02-01 12:06 GMT+01:00 matteo <matteo.ghe...@gmail.com>:

> Hi Harrissou,
> > See https://github.com/qgis/QGIS-Documentation/pull/1806, the eldest
> open pull request. I never merged it because i expected that there are some
> details a doc writer would like to reuse one day. The day has come?
> I missed this PR ;).
> I'll say yes, the day has come so when can compact the documentation and
> avoid redundancy. As I said I'll include the existing examples in the
> new documentation
> When I'm ready with this Processing chapter I'll make a PR that removes
> also those sections
> No need for a new PR, just merge #1806 when ready: it must cover most of
(or all) removed plugins (i didn't check recent changes from Processing).


> > Here, I disagree with you:
> > - duplicates should be avoided. When algs get updates, it just double
> the work if the committer does not forget one of the page (in which case
> you end up with two different descriptions -really bad). Better take
> advantage of cross link rather than duplicating contents.
> > - GdalTools (Raster menu) is not different from fTools (Vector menu),
> hence they should be handled the same way. While vector has been placed at
> the top of Processing chapter (http://docs.qgis.org/testing/
> en/docs/user_manual/processing/index.html%E2%80%A6) I don't feel it makes
> sense there and had opened an issue report at
> https://github.com/qgis/QGIS-Documentation/issues/2123. Inputs are
> welcome.
> Ok no strong opinion and I understand all you points.
> Where to place the ftools and gdaltool could be tricky. I agree that
> having them at the top of Processing is not the correct place.. no ideas
> for the moment
> Thanks
> Matteo
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