> I think we need to put this conversation at least in the devs list, not
> everybody is in this community list, so we probably end up talking to
> ourselves (which may still happen, since Docs aren't sexy).

+1 (even if we maybe will keep up the discussion by ourselves ;) )

> I don't think we will be able to do the documentation only with volunteers.
> We will need to professionalize it. We need to pay people to write
> documentation, and even to review it.
> Unfortunately, even having money to spend, it seems difficult to get people
> that are free to do it...
> It's very frustrating to write lots of documentation, and then get stuck by
> the lack of reviews. I know Harrissou is in that position. I would suggest
> that, if after a period of time, the PR has no reviews at all, its owner is
> free to merge it. I know it's not ideal but is better than having outdated
> documentation while someones updates are in standby forever.

I'm + 1 also on this. I think that the errors that a merged PR could
introduce are still better to have a long cue of unmerged PR. Knowing
that it is always better to have reviewed docs, but maybe (just maybe)
errors are easier to find during the final reading of the docs..

> BTW, it's on my TODO list to update the documentation video, focusing on
> the github approach. ut I don't know when I will have time for that.

just ping if you need help


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