Hi all (Alexandre),

I'm starting to work on the Training Manual and I needed to update some
icons and screenshots.

For the screenshots no problem while I'm a little bit confused with the

I thought that we can simply call in the rst file the new icon as we
always did e.g. |addRasterLayer|) and during the make fasthtml (or
whatever) the awesome scripts created by Alexandre would update the rst
at the end of the file (where needed) with the correct sphinx replacement.

But it is not working for me, nothing is added at the end of the file
and the html still cannot draw the icon.

So I tried to manually run the find_Set_subs.py script, but it is taking
so much time that I've to kill if (after > 20 minutes).

Am I missing something in this procedure?

BTW: the only thing I did always when building locally is uncommenting
the strings of the unwanted resources in the conf.py

Thanks for any hint


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