This looks like a great initiative Nick. I'll be really interested to hear how you go. An outcome out of this could be to create guidelines for others on how they can set up their own QGIS Documentation workshop.

I suggest do more than just talk about the technical. Spend a bit of time explaining to people that they too can be open source heroes. In fact open source projects like QGIS typically have a greater need for documentation heroes than to have developer heroes.

You might want to steal material from: (note link to my slide deck at top, which you are welcome to copy from).

Good luck, and please tell us how you go.


On 12/9/19 3:02 am, Nick Bearman wrote:

I am running a short (90 min) session on QGIS Documentation <> at the FOSS4G UK 2019 Conference in Edinburgh <>. The session is next Friday and I wanted to give you (QGIS Documentation Team) the heads up (as I plan to actually get people to do some editing for QGIS Documentation in the session) and ask a couple of questions.

/Firstly, apologies for the late notice of this - I have been manically busy so have not been able to put as much time into this as I would have liked. / /Secondly, just for background I have been following the discussions from Cameron / Andreas / Regis / Matteo / Anita / Harrissou / Alexandre and others on SeasonOfDocs and QGIS, which has been very interesting. Thanks all for your comments, and sorry I could not take part more in this. /

It is a fairly short session and I want people to get something tangible out of this. I am planning to start off with an explanation of the QGIS Documentation, why it is important to contribute and so on. The attendees in the session are likely not to have any experience of Git, so I am planning on walking them through the process of making a fork, editing a file and submitting a PR on an example repository, so they get used to the principles. Then I will explain how QGIS Documentation on GitHub works, and I would ideally like to be able to get them to actually make an edit and submit a PR on the real documentation. I have seen the list of Easy issues ( and am going to suggest they each try one of those. There are quite a few screenshots / new features ones so will direct them towards these.

One thing I would like to highlight / question is that on page, the info for screenshots implies that a Ubuntu operating system is required to make screenshots. Is this the case? I can see how this is a nice to have for consistency, but I think this is a blocker for anyone who wants to contribute screenshots who doesn't use Ubuntu (and I think that is a large chunk of people). There is some infrastructure for screenshots already, so should I advise newbies to have a go at screenshots (neglecting the requirement for Ubuntu/Unity), or are there better areas for them to focus on?

After they have made a change, I will ask them to tag me (@nickbearman) in the PR comments, so I can track contributions and help/comment as required.

I have also been asked to lead a session on QGIS Documentation on the Saturday hackathon, so I hope to get some larger bits done myself as well.

I hope this is useful as a heads up for you. Do you have any suggestions for newbie issues to recommend them? I'm also open to any other comments and suggestions that people would like to make.

Best wishes,

Nick Bearman
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