Hi Nyall,

2016-09-16 3:08 GMT+02:00 Nyall Dawson <nyall.daw...@gmail.com>:

Unfortunately a fairly nasty regression has slipped in to 2.16 and is
> still present on master.

perhaps, the name "NODEB" stands for  "--NODEBug"   ?   :(

> This results in shapefile corruption in
> certain circumstances.

well,  but today  a SHP is not so important   ;)

Serioulsly,  do you have some  plugin active ?   Do you tested with
"--NOPLUGINS"  option active ?
Do you can try renaming  .qgis2   directory,  so that we are sure  QGIS  do
no use it ?
And what is the result ?

Please, let us know.


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