I have a python plugin in which one of the core functions is to retrieve
some data via a custom protocol.
Let's call this a 'data-provider'.

It could be handy if we could also use that data-provider in a
processing script or model.

So Question: how to distribute/create a python library which can be used
in both plugins and processing?

Should I do that via pip?

Or is a module in a plugin the best way (as that is I think easiest to
get 'installed' by users)?
But is that module then easily available in processing scripts?

Or should I create a processing geo-algorithm for it? But then my
question is: how to distribute that easily?

Do we have some 'api' that a processing script is supposed to use?
Maybe it is possible to create a generic 'api' to make it easy to load
libs for plugins/processing?

(Maybe even the same with the little dialog which is used: how to
provide/distribute that one)


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