I just completed a source installation of QGIS 2.16.2 on Mac, using a modified 
version of the Homebrew osgeo4mac/qgis–214 formula. I was particularly excited 
to try out the new globe plugin. QGIS builds correctly and is usable, but the 
globe plugin appears to be totally disabled, and doesn’t show up in the plugin 
directory or menu.

I built the formula with globe enabled (the Homebrew —with-globe option 
translates to —DWITH_GLOBE=TRUE —DOSG_PLUGIN_PATH=/usr/local/lib/osgPlugins-3.4 
compile options. I’m running osg 3.4 and osgearth 2.7. Both of these are built 
using homebrew formula, with qt support, and I think they are within the range 
of supported dependencies for the globe plugin.

In the “advanced” settings menu, there is a section for globe plugin settings, 
but I cannot see any other feedback that the plugin is installed.

Any insights on what might be disabling the globe plugin, and how I could 
compile QGIS in order to include this? I’ve successfully used my install of 
osgearth to view GIS data described by raw *.earth files, so I think it’s 
unlikely to be a dependency issue.
Thanks, Daven
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