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> Hi,
> On 22/09/2016 14:43, Alessandro Pasotti wrote:
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> >     @Jachym: AFAIK, most plugins now just ship the needed libraries
> >     along with it or ask the users to install them. There are some
> >     libraries that are already shipped into QGIS from the core python
> >     plugins (e.g jinja), you might want to check if what you need is
> >     there already.
> >
> > A new metadata (external_deps: text) field was introduced for this
> > purpose but there is nothing implemented inside QGIS for now:
> > https://github.com/qgis/QGIS-Django/commit/
> 6546a2ab54fd01b6e94b921b610c31b619e99979#diff-
> 536e872043014a84818f87dc640b2d4d
> >
> > A common pattern seems shipping dependencies with the plugin as Python
> eggs.
> New Python Wheels and Pypi now support binary packages. This becomes a
> really useful and convenient tool to install dependencies, with
> multi-platform support, without even having a compiler installed.
> Making QGIS Python plugins as Python modules would allow to use all pip
> and pypi insfrastructure really easily.
> The proposed osgeo4w grant application by Jef could include the low
> level required changes necessary to introduce this behaviour. Right now
> pip is distributed by default in OSGeo4w, but since not all OSGeo4w
> python modules are installed through pip (but through specific exe
> installers), this may lead to installation problems ( names conflicts
> e.g.).
> If this work is done, there still will be some work on the QGIS python
> plugin interface, but _not_ reimplementing a package management system
> in QGIS and use pip instead could be a good option.

I could't agree more!

We definitely don't want to re-invent the (PyPi) wheel ;)

Go for pip, but still the external_deps field in metadata could be useful
to hold the content of REQUIREMENTS.txt, or a path to it.

Alessandro Pasotti
w3:   www.itopen.it
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