Il 16/10/2016 09:06, Tim Sutton ha scritto:

> Given how effective our post-download pop up is on the web site, I think
> that using our first open page to 'speak' to our users is definitely
> something to resurrect. It would be great to provide:
> * a list of recent projects (as we have now)
> * a list of recent blog articles from
> <>
> * a list of current crowd funding projects and their funding progress
> * a panel for us to directly send notifications to users e.g. 'QGIS
> 2.14.7 is out, please upgrade!'
> * links for funding and sponsoring QGIS
> I think it is also worth speaking to Nyall about his crowd funding
> experiences - last I chatted to him he had some doubts as to whether it
> is a really effective tool at the moment. Perhaps getting the publicity
> on the app opening view might fix that....

Agreed fully. Thanks Tim!

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