On 10/17/2016 12:20 PM, Geo DrinX wrote:
> Ok, I will try to be more clear (compatibly with my bad English).
> Look at this:  https://goo.gl/WR8LVF
> In this project, since now, they (public administration) are using
> QGIS.   But, they have today BIG PROBLEMS with crashes.

There's a big team constantly working on making QGIS better and crash less.

Part of the effort comes from sponsoring the QGIS project, part from
sponsoring individual devs to fix on specific issues, part from
individuals getting time from their employer to work on issues and part
from volunteers spending their free time to improve QGIS.

I would recommend you sit down with these people, define the problems,
write specifications and work out how the individual items can be
addressed. If you want, there's a whole bunch of companies who will be
happy to support you [1]

> In the next version of the system, the NEED to have a secure program
> (and possibly open source).
> QGIS now is NOT secure.     I explained enough  ?   
> Now you understand what's at stake?

It reminds me of a poster I have:


> I hope so.    Now somebody wants to see with me how to make sure QGIS
> decently ?

We all do. And we are happy for everyone who joins the effort :-)

Thank you

[1] http://qgis.org/en/site/forusers/commercial_support.html
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