Are you using my package or trying to compile from source?

My package has everything needed in the app - Qt4 & PyQt4.

QGIS 2 is not completely ready for Qt5, so yes you need to use Qt4.  Does the 
Qt4 installer refuse to install on your system, or just give a warning?  I've 
never heard of it refusing to install.  It should still work as long as you use 
a system SDK.  I compile QGIS on Yosemite, but using an old Mt Lion SDK.

> On Oct 17, 2016, at 4:43 PM, Chris Nicholas <> wrote:
> loaded up QGIS 2.14 ‘Essen’ got all psyched to dive in and do a plugin, and 
> seem to be hitting a brick wall…
> From what I understand, you must use PyQt4, unless you compile EVERYTHING 
> from source with Qt5 …  
> soo… thought I would just use an older Qt version… WRONG !  the installer 
> says it is incompatible with this version of OS X ..
> so… thought I would compile the Qt4 sources from scratch … WRONG!  as per: 
> so…. um …. am I outta luck?
> advice/condolences/RTFMs welcomed
> thanks in advance!
> Chris
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