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On Wed, 19. Oct 2016 at 06:21:40 +0000, Casper Børgesen (CABO) wrote:
> Thank you for your answer and your guidance. I used Jürgens advise and used
> the spatialite_i.lib instead and I got a bit further. I am now also able to
> run and debug a QGIS session, but I cannot use python either, which I really
> want to.
> I am using master_2 and building QGIS using "RelWithDebInfo", since "debug"
> gives me a lot of errors. Are the difference between the two, that using
> "debug" I'll be able to debug dependencies and not just the QGIS project?

No, the "Debug" uses another set of runtime libraries that have debugging code
in them (mainly for memory management), that makes them incompatible with the
original set.  So you also have to build the dependencies with those and end up
with two sets of everything.

"RelWithDebInfo" just adds the debugging information (and skips some
optimization) and hence enables debugging, but doesn't require the other set of

> 263>    File "C:\QGIS\master_2\scripts\\pyuic-wrapper.py", line 26, in 
> <module>
> 263>      import qgis.PyQt.uic.pyuic
> Has this got something to do with the double slash near pyuic-wrapper.py and
> in that case, where should I fix it? Or is this problem about something
> completely different?

Probably.  I guess you're running the development environment without the PATH
setup (like in package-nightly.cmd at the point where cmake --build %BUILDDIR%
--config %BUILDCONF% is invoked).


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