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On Wed, 09. Aug 2017 at 13:24:05 +0200, Neumann, Andreas wrote:
> While this works fine on QGIS 2.18, I have issues in master - only if I
> define PGSYSCONFDIR centrally in the Windows operating system, this
> variable is honored, not if I define them in QGIS under Settings -->
> Options --> System --> Environment. In this latter case, the env var is
> ignored. 

You could a batch file in etc\ini instead that sets PGSYSCONFDIR.  That will be
run before QGIS starts (I do that with NLS_LANG for Oracle sometimes) and
doesn't pollute the global enviroment.  Note that the change might not be
picked up if you run a pinned QGIS instead of starting it via the shortcut (you
need to run that at least once).
> I am pretty sure, this issue is rather recent, because it already worked with
> older QGIS master builds. 

My guess is that PGSYSCONFDIR is set too late from the QGIS settings - ie.
after the first connection is attempted.


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