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> A user of application can select -type gaussian -type.gaussian.radius 3
> when launching application.
> otb application check for invalid cases such as if type is gaussian then
> one cannot use -type.mean.radius
> This is okay for command line, but for graphical interface one has to
> hide /show parameters based on the value of it's parent.
> This is a limitation of qgis processing that upstream was forced to
> split applications based on group. I am not blaming or targeting here.
> Just saying about a missing feature for support for one provider.

Very interesting. Wouldn't make sense to have it upstream? This would be
useful also for other providers.

>  QGIS users now have three application for smoothing and maybe 10 or
> more application for TrainImagesClassifer. 

This was originally made on purpose, with the idea of having simplified
atomic commands. Nowe the ecosystem is more riche, and there is room for
more complex interfaces.

Thanks for your input.

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