Somebody (Raymond ;-) ) 'complained' to me that running a processing
algorithm everytime comes up with an (ugly) brown style.

While (I think) the styling of a newly added/created vector layer should
be more or less random..., what I see is that the colors (at least here
with me) often start with a couple of times brown, then another color
then again two times another color (exact same rgb values) etc etc.

So my question is:
- how 'random' should these colors be?
- would it be an idea to create some (nicer colored) color list, which
would then be used to select (random?) colors from.

To check:
- open (in master) whatever point layer.
- search for Buffer algo in processing toolbox
- double click it to show the dialog
- click 'Run in Background' button 10 times (with default values)

As an example the result with me here...


Richard Duivenvoorde

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