Il 02/02/2018 12:55, Anita Graser ha scritto:
> I see "Issues reported by me" (but only if I'm logged in of course):

oh, strangely enough I don't. I only see:

Custom queries

    Bugs causing Crash
    Bugs closed
    Bugs with "Feedback" status (last updated > than 15 days ago)
    Explicit links to redmine
    High priority
    High priority grouped by affected version
    High priority grouped by category
    Issues created last week
    Latest fixes to 2.18 LTR
    Regressions (QGIS 2)
    Regressions (QGIS 3)
    Regressions grouped by affected version
    Subject contains dpi

but in any case the id=128 works, so we have one less problem.
Thanks Anita.
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