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I have made some analyse of the performances data generated by CampToCamp test platform. The data are downloadable here https://gmf-test.sig.cloud.camptocamp.net/ms_perfs/ And the tests are based on this docker-pull: https://github.com/camptocamp/ms_perfs

The QGIS Server docker used for these tests are based on the Kartoza one updated by CampToCamp https://github.com/kartoza/docker-qgis-server It is based on Apache Server and FCGI.

The data comes from OpenStreetMap and are stored in a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database. One type of request is tested, GetMap. Varoious number of simultaneous users and various scale
are tested.

To give an answer to the question : Is QGIS Server 3 fast yet ? , I only used the values for 10 simultaneous

If the reference to the question is QGIS Server 2: QGIS Server 3 is NOT faster even with the trust option activated in the project. QGIS Server 3 is always slower than QGIS Server 2, when only one layer is requested. In the tests, QGIS Sever 3 is faster than QGIS Server 2 with multi-layers and complex styles.

This result can be easily explain by the new way QGIS Server is loaded project. QGIS Server 3 uses the QgsProject class, so all the
project : layers and layouts are loaded even if only one layer is requested.

About the trust project option, the results are a little bit disappointing. The performances are not always better than without. For higher scale (1° by 800px), requests are slower, but for lower scale (0.015625° by 800px), they are faster.

Now if we consired GeoServer-jai as a reference, QGIS Server 3 is slower in lower sacle (0.03125° by 800px)
Now if we consired Mapserver as a reference, QGIS Server 3 is slower!

We have to test some configuration:
* disable simplify local
* change simplify max scale

Points of enhancement have to be explored :
* Faster QgsProject loading based on project parsing
* Simplify configuration at layer level
* Completing trust option

* Enhance simplification
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