I'm doing my first explorations into pyqgis and I'm quite amazed,
compliments for the design of the QGIS API!

So far I recursively read layer groups and layers from QgsProject and
write a json file which I then use to build a layer switcher for Openlayers.

Now I need to add additional information which is part of .qgs project
file, but I don't have any clue how to access it without parsing the
XML. Everything from .qgs can be read by API methods?

For example, I want to add to each layer its "Identifiable" info. There
is a XML tag called <Identify> in .qgs, how do I get there? I tried with
readEntry() and readListEntry() but without success.

Or is there any handy reference of all the project properties and how to
read them by the API?

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