Hi all,

I am wondering which versions of the base libraries we should build QGIS
upon on Travis. Read Qt, PyQt, SIP, etc.

Today the Docker image for the dependencies (qgis/qgis3-build-deps) is
based on Ubuntu 16.04 and ships Qt 5.5.
While this sounds reasonable for testing, it is not suitable for building
and publishing an image of QGIS or building the Python API doc.

So, I'd like to bump the Qt version on Travis to 5.9 (and SIP to 4.19.7).

Another advantage is that we will be able to build 3D on Travis too.

But, there won't be any error if one pushes changes only possible with
newest version of Qt and only Jürgen will notice it from the nightly builds.

Another approach would be to fire two builds on Travis (one on 5.5 and one
on latest). It would be pretty straightforward, but I guess that will be
slowing down the build (am I right?).

Let me know your thoughts,

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