Hi all,
I'm doing the second option (same mail to all).
Let's hope that the buzz around Q3 release will help getting an
effecting response.
All the best.

Il 02/02/2018 12:48, Paolo Cavallini ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> Giovanni kindly sent me a lists of all tickets last updated before
> 01-01-2015. I'd like to invite everyone (perhaps also more recent ticket
> authors) to revise their own tickets, and check whether they still apply
> to QGIS3. This will make in any case easier an eventual transitions to
> GH or whatever. I see two choices to prepare a mass mailing:
> * one email per author, listing their tickets
> * adding back the "Bugs reported by me" default query (I can't find it
> any more, any special reason to remove it?) and send a mail to all
> authors pointing to it.
> The second seems easier, the first can bring a higher motivation.
> Opinions? Anyone willing to prepare the mass mailing (I think we may
> have problems with antispam here, if not properly done)?
> Thanks.

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