I want to write a script in Python to perform an operation between two ESRI
1. One shapefile (*overlay*), Ownership, containing one or more polygons. 
2. 2nd shapefile (*Input*), may be Points, Lines, or Polygons 

The script would find all Input shapes that are "touching" (*wholly or
partially within*) any of the Ownership polygons (*overlay*).  All features
that are touching the input shape, would then be written out to a new a new

I've been learning about the OGR/GDAL library, so I know about code like
        doesIntersect = ownershipPoly.Intersects(inputFeature) 

However, I am still fairly new to Python-based GIS work, so I'm still
learning about the various libraries that are available. Is the above
OGR/GDAL code the most efficient way to do it or is there something else
more appropriate? 


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