Hi List,

Had to test transparency in gdal generated pyramids in a geotiff.

So in a QGIS project I had to show both:
- the original raster (geotiff)
- the wms-version of the raster server by Geoserver

Without renaming the actual layername in the WMS, it is from the
layermanager in QGIS not very obvious that (see screenshot) the upper
ones are online/WMS services, while the bottom one is an actual raster.

Wat about using the little 'globe'-icons (which we have in the browser
for a 'service') also for a OWS layer in the layer manager?

Do others agree (or am I the only one heavily using WMS/WFS etc?).

Would this be an easy fix or are these icons hidden far away?


Richard Duivenvoorde

ps I understand that the globes are actually for 'services', but I'm ok
with reusing them for layers too in this case ...

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