Am So, 8.04.2018, 17:47 schrieb Jorge Gustavo Rocha:
> Even if the user changes the UserAgent in settings, the string "
> QGIS/version" is always added to the User Agent defined. So, the User
> Agent is in fact "Mozilla/5.0 QGIS/3.x".

I've seen quite a lot WMS proxies blocking requests containing
"QGIS" and "GDAL" in user-agent. I like the way it's hardcoded
in QGIS. When a service provider doesn't allow loading his content
into QGIS, the user should accept this and don't easily override
this :)

Just for the notes: actually, there are also blacklists for ArcGIS
clients. It's an easy way to protect web-viewer only WMS from
being loaded or grabbed from a desktop GIS or CLI.

Best regards,

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