Hi devs,

When a [Feature] or a [needs-docs] commit/PR is merged in QGIS repo, it
generates an issue report in QGIS-Documentation repo. This automatic
process which saves times for every body has some issues (actually, could
need some improvements) I'd like to raise here:

1/ Sometimes (to avoid writing "too often"), the description of the created
issue report is "Unfortunately this naughty coder did not write a
description... :-(" Funny but other than the commit title (which can help),
you need most of the times to track the original PR and read pull request
description/discussion to figure out what it's really about. And most of
the times the main information is in the PR first message.
So, feature request: could the PR first message be added to the issue
report (with its screenshots, screencasts...)? I think this will reduce the
endless back and forths for those willing to tackle the documentation
issues. And meanwhile, if the tagged commit message in QGIS repo could be
more than a title, it'll also be very helpful. Thanks!

2/ creation of duplicate reports: afaics, this occurs when the pull request
title contains the tag and in its commits, there's only one that has the
same tags; we get an issue report for the commit and another one for the PR
(eg. https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/pull/6627/commits generates
https://github.com/qgis/QGIS-Documentation/issues/2458 and
If there are more than one [feature]/[needs-docs] tagged commit in the PR,
we only get a report by tagged commit and that's nice... but i did not
investigate a lot in this area.

I'd say that the first one is the most annoying. Identify  and clean
duplicate reports is rather easy and can be done manually (unless there's
an easy automatic way to avoid them).

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