Hi Denis,

I don’t think my knowledge on the various QGIS dependencies is good enough for 
me to do that just yet.
My main intention was to get the ball rolling on this again and if that 
required someone to step up and
take a lead I’d be willing to do that. Now that I understand the situation a 
little better I think the main
focus for now should be to bring the osgeo4mac tap back into working order.  I 
am happy to help as
much as I can in that regard.

When that is in order it will make sense to start work on a new QGIS3 formula. 
Preferably also in the
osgeo4mac tap. I guess the qgis-dev tap is less important now that qgis3 has 
been released. It should
still serve as a good starting point for a osgeo4mac/qgis3 formula though.


Fra: Denis Rouzaud [mailto:denis.rouz...@gmail.com]
Sendt: 10. april 2018 14:51
Til: Kristian Evers <kr...@sdfe.dk>
Emne: Re: [QGIS-Developer] Status of the QGIS homebrew tap?

Hi Kristian,

Just to know (privately ;) ), do you have any intention to provide a qgis3 


Le lun. 9 avr. 2018 à 07:31, Denis Rouzaud 
<denis.rouz...@gmail.com<mailto:denis.rouz...@gmail.com>> a écrit :
Hi Kristian,

Larry, who was actively maintaining the repo, wrote recently saying he will be 
slowly catching up.

OSGeo/homebrew-osgeo4mac is also in a bad state but there's some small activity 

To me, we should turn qgis/homebrew-qgisdev down and bring this into osgeo as 
QGIS 3 is release now.

Your help would definitely be appreciated if you can bring the formula in there!


Le dim. 8 avr. 2018 à 06:25, Kristian Evers 
<kr...@sdfe.dk<mailto:kr...@sdfe.dk>> a écrit :

What is the status of the QGIS homebrew tap [0]? The last commit seems to be 
back in November.
I guess whoever was in charge of this has lost interest? Or it has been 
discontinued for reasons
not obvious to me. Several pull requests has been submitted over the last few 
months so it would
seem that there at least is a market for this. I could certainly use a 
simple(r) way of building QGIS
on OS X using Homebrew. I am not super familiar with the inner workings of 
either QGIS or
Homebrew but if there is a need for a new maintainer of the QGIS tap I would 
like to volunteer to
at least bring it up to speed again and curate contributions from the community.


[0] https://github.com/qgis/homebrew-qgisdev
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