Hi all,

> I think we need to put this conversation at least in the devs list, not
> everybody is in this community list, so we probably end up talking to
> ourselves (which may still happen, since Docs aren't sexy).
> I don't think we will be able to do the documentation only with volunteers.
> We will need to professionalize it. We need to pay people to write
> documentation, and even to review it.
> Unfortunately, even having money to spend, it seems difficult to get people
> that are free to do it...
> It's very frustrating to write lots of documentation, and then get stuck by
> the lack of reviews. I know Harrissou is in that position. I would suggest
> that, if after a period of time, the PR has no reviews at all, its owner is
> free to merge it. I know it's not ideal but is better than having outdated
> documentation while someones updates are in standby forever.
> BTW, it's on my TODO list to update the documentation video, focusing on
> the github approach. ut I don't know when I will have time for that.

I'm still committed to contribute to documentation,
as already said in the past weeks (before Funchal) I just struggled
mightily to finish some previous commitment nevertheless my
contributions should start to appear really soon.


-- G --
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