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after having problems with loading XYZ tiles from OSM (many timeouts),
I've read that IPs without referrer get blocked faster and longer than
IPs with referrer due to OSM's tile policy.

QGIS isn't sending out a referrer at all. So for users with a fixed
IP (like a corporate network), will get blocked way faster and longer.
On the other hand, community's opinion about this is that affected
corporations should get a paid or own tile server to not slow down
the existing ones.

I've checked the requests of QGIS and there's no referrer in header.
Would it be possible to add an option to set an referrer in general?
Not to override OSM's limits, but to give the user more control if
the target service needs a referrer. libcurl and GDAL support this
of course.

Right now, the only way is to setup a local proxy and add an referrer.
But when accessing an HTTPS service, that is not what you want at all ;)

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