Is an English description in the repository sufficient?

The reason I'm asking is that we are currently developing a localized plugin and it would be nice to show the localized description in the plugin manager, so our "localized" users get the information in their preferred language (and I don't think we can provide translated plugin descriptions?).

Thanks for clarification


On 9/13/19 8:22 AM, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
Asking, not necessarily obtaining. Unfortunately managing hundreds of plugins takes a lot of my spare time, so something falls into the cracks.
Thanks for noticing, could you please open a ticket?

On 13 September 2019 07:44:36 CEST, Alexander Bruy <> wrote:

    чт, 12 вер. 2019 о 19:12 Paolo Cavallini <> пише:

        What we are always asking is at least an English description,
        to allow users to decide whether a plugin could fit their
        needs, or perhaps is worth investigating the code for a
similar problem.

    This is not true, see for example
    Both description and about are non English as well as UI, but plugin was
    approved years ago and new versions still get approval.

Sorry for being short

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