вт, 3 груд. 2019 о 14:07 Giovanni Manghi <giovanni.man...@gmail.com> пише:
> Said that if the "official" way to support SAGA would be a plugin it
> would be much easier to implement and distribute/update such changes.

If I recall correctly this was discussed a lot in the mailing lists
before 3.0 release
and most developers involved into Processing support was agains keeping SAGA
and adding any new providers while some community members were pushing hard
to keep them. Final decision at the Madeira meeting was to keep SAGA and include
OTB with one of the arguments that this way it will be easier for
community to maintain
them. Now we have SAGA in core and at least 2 plugins for SAGA and very little
(I'd even say zero) community involvement in any of them.

Do we really want to restart this discussion? I don't think that two
involved parties
have changed their mind. Also it is probably too early as no breaking
changes can
be made before 4.0 and even if we make a decision now it anyway very likely will
be revised again before release as it happened last time.

Alexander Bruy
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