Hello QGIS-devs,

in QGIS2 and QGIS-3 versions with proj<6 there was a support for the
BWTA2017.gsb-gridfile which is needed in the state Baden-Württemberg (
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baden-W%C3%BCrttemberg ) in southwest germany
to transform between the former official crs EPSG31467 and the new one


For some time there was an issue about including the BWTA in the


The main reason why QGIS 3.10/proj6 cannot use the BWTA2017.gsb is that it
is not referenced in the EPSG registry so far but I will get in contact
with the LGL (www.lgl-bw.de) to ask them if they can make a changerequest
on http://www.epsg.org/EPSGDataset/Makechangerequest.aspx

For the meantime there are two pull requests which have been merged today:

https://github.com/OSGeo/PROJ/pull/1759 ( Even Rouault:"...As EPSG has no
entry for it, we create a grid_transformation, as well as a dedicated area
of use based on the extent of the grid, under the PROJ authority. With the
hope to be able to remove it once EPSG has an entry...")

@Jürgen Fischer: is there a change that you could "cherry-pick" the
corresponding pull requests and patch them into the existing PROJ release
used by osgeo4w for the upcoming pointrelease?

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