Dear list,

I'm struggling a little bit with tests using QgsMultiRenderChecker.

1/ Running the tests *on Windows*, I get some small rendering differences
with fonts that make tests fail. I'm getting the warnings below, both with
the font installed in my system or not. It seems to load the font with a
different size (20.1429 instead of 20) and as normal instead of bold, which
would explain why the test fail. Any idea why this happens, and how to fix
it ?

..\src\core\qgsfontutils.cpp(311) :
(QgsFontUtils::getStandardTestFont) [1372ms] Inexact font match -
consider installing the QGIS Vera Sans font.
..\src\core\qgsfontutils.cpp(312) :
(QgsFontUtils::getStandardTestFont) [0ms] Requested: QGIS Vera
..\src\core\qgsfontutils.cpp(314) :
(QgsFontUtils::getStandardTestFont) [2ms] Replaced:  QGIS Vera

2/ The QgsLayoutChecker tests outputs some HTML view of the failing tests,
allowing for a nice comparison of expected vs rendered images. When I run
the tests locally, I can redirect the output to a report.html file, then
see it in the browser (rather hacky, as all the test output goes in the
file, so it's not at all a proper html file, but it works).
Is it possible to somehow retrieve these results *from Travis *runs ? That
would be very helpful to workaround 1/.

Thanks !!

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