TL;DR: It is currently possible to build the QGIS core app with Visual Studio 
2019 and vcpkg, which makes debugging QGIS dependencies easy.

Hi all,

Some time ago I discovered vcpkg ( vcpkg is 
a package manager that downloads package source code to your local machine and 
builds the package locally. Recently, I discovered that vcpkg should be able to 
provide all dependencies to build at least the QGIS core application. Hence, I 
gave it a try.

Basically, it worked out of the box. I started with a fresh Windows 10 
installation, installed Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition, Git, vcpkg, 
Python 3 and flex and bison for Windows. I fetched all other dependencies via 
vcpkg. It was not necessary to even touch a single file in the repository. I 
could just open the main CMakeLists.txt file in Visual Studio and only had to 
tweak the CMake cache (the CMake find macros that come with QGIS are not aware 
of vcpkg, so I had to set some paths manually). I had to switch off some 
extensions though as the required dependencies were not available via vcpkg 
(WITH_BINDINGS, WITH_QGIS_PROCESS, WITH_QTWEBKIT). The build did not report any 
errors, I could start the application and it seems to work, but I did some 
light testing only.

I mainly tried it because I enjoy debugging with Visual Studio more than with 
gdb (or gdb wrapped in some IDE). In my experience, the performance of the 
Visual Studio debugger is better and it is more stable, especially in long 
debug sessions.

I don't want to promote official building support of QGIS with vcpkg. Providing 
the dependencies via OSGeo4W is much more reliable. However, if you don't mind 
the experimental nature of this setup and you want to be able to debug into 
QGIS' dependencies, you might give it a try. Especially, if you want to track 
the cause of a crash in one of QGIS' dependencies, this setup might be helpful. 
You have the source code and debug versions of the dependencies, so the 
debugger will jump to the crashing code line and you can inspect all the 
variables of the dependency.

If someone is interested in trying it, give me a note. I can then assemble 
detailed instructions on how to make it work. It took me a while to figure out 
which packages are needed and how the CMake cache needs to be tweaked.

Best regards,

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