On 01/08/2011 11:57 AM, aperi2007 wrote:
>> I guess I really complaining about the lack of documentation. Can't find
>> any kind of roadmap explaining hardware and software requirements.
> Yes.
> I'm use Win7 64bit and qgis trunk from osgeo4w installer.
> It work without problem.
> Andrea.

We've had a bit of a hard time with coming up with "Requirements" since
QGIS runs on so many different things, including more things than we
offer binary downloads for. So in some sense we don't really know what
QGIS won't run on.

Maybe we can figure out which Windows it runs on (My guess is win 2000
or newer, though someone may have it on win98). I'm pretty sure the rule
of thumb has been, if you can run Windows X/MAC Y/Linux Z you can run QGIS.

We do know how much disk space it takes, but I get the feeling it'll be
a real pain to find out how little ram we need.

Any users want to chime in with things that QGIS does not run on, or the
oldest, slowest hardware you've had work? Maybe we can guess from a
survey of that sort of info since we don't have $ to hire a company to
test it in a lab.

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