Hey there,

I am using QGIS 2.14.1 (Essen). In order to create a city scenery for a Flight 
Simulator, I need to process shp-files.
The shape files I use are the shape files of open street map. For a certain 
city loaded the shp file into QGIS with the name „buildings“. For the Flight 
Simulator I have to define several „classes“ of buildings using the „type“ 
attribute of a single shape. As the shape file I downloaded is only poorly 
descripted (most „types“ are NULL), I want to overwrite the „type“ Attribute 
with the proper names To make it easy for you, i have the following shape files 
als QGIS virtual layers:

- „buildings“ (the downloaded shp file -> original layer with all Buildings)
- „buildingsTypeA“ (a subset of „Buildings“ with target „type“ „btA“)
- „buildingsTypeB“ (a subset of „Buildings“ with target „type“ „btB“)
- „buildingsTypeC“ (a subset of „Buildings“ with target „type“ „btC“)

The „buildingType“ Layers have been created by selecting the proper shapes in 
„Buildings“ and copying them into a new virtual layer.

As every building shape of A, B and C occur in „Buildings“ I tried to write a 
simple SQL update Statement like this. All the virtual layers have the same 
structure (osm_id, name, type, geometry)

UPDATE buildings
SET type = 'btA‘
WHERE buildings.osm_id IN (SELECT osm_id from buildingsTypeA)

The same should be done for buildingsTypeA and buildingsTypeA.

When I exectute the Statement, I get an error: „near "update": syntax error“. 
Simple SELECT Statements work. To simplify it further I also noticed that e.g 
the following query resulted in the same error

UPDATE Buildings
Set type =‘abc‘
WHERE buildings.osm_id = '12345567‘

So my questions are:

- Does the Database Manager Plugin for QGIS only Support Select Statements 
(Read Only)?
- If yes, is there a different way to edit the data in batch mode? (round about 
5000 buildings have to be updated)
- Are there other ways to Access shp-files in a SQL-like manor to perform that 
UPDATE Statements?

Hope you can help me out here.

Best regards,


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