Hi all,

At the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA, www.nina.no) there is a 
vacant permanent position as a "Systems administrator  Linux" at our IT 
department in Trondheim. The position will have a special focus on our 
Linux-based infrastructure for scientific computing, where FOSS GIS technology 
plays a central role:


Since this is the first Linux-systems administrator position in NINA, the 
person to be employed will be a kind of pioneer in NINA and has to be 
comfortable with taking responsibility. Nevertheless, "young and talented" 
candidates are equally encouraged to apply as "experienced" ones!

NINA is planning to setup a HPC/Cloud-based solution for scientific computing, 
which will become an important tasks in this position together with system 
administration for databases, OGC web services, data management and storage as 
well as possible involvement in research projects.... The work will be carried 
out in close contact with our System administrators on Windows, our FOSS GIS 
developers as well as users / researchers from the fields of FOSS GIS / remote 
sensing, statistics or genetics.

About NINA:
NINA is a diverse research institute covering many different fields of nature 
research (in addition to biologists and ecologists we have economists, social 
scientists, veterinaries). NINA has a wide portfolio of projects, so our future 
employee will definitely not suffer from monotony. Being a foreigner here in 
Norway myself, I can warmly recommend NINA and Norway as a place to work. Of 
course, nature here is fantastic and also climate and light conditions are more 
pleasant than one might think from the outside...

For more detailed information check the web-site above or get in touch with the 
contact persons listed there.

The application should be sent to:
E-mail: siri.svend...@nina.no or
Post: NINA, Personnel Office, PO Box 5685 Sluppen, 7485 Trondheim, Norway

Application deadline is 19 August 2016. Imminent accession is desirable.

Kind regards,
Stefan Blumentrath

Stefan Blumentrath
Researcher II

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research - NINA
Postal address: Gaustadalléen 21, NO-0349 Oslo, NORWAY
Delivery/Visiting address: Gaustadalléen 21, NO-0349 Oslo, NORWAY
Phone: +47 40 46 21 15 * Cell: +47 40 46 21 15 * Fax: +47 73 80 14 01 * 

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